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Small business marketing

Small business marketing
​strategy and implementation


Many of our customers come to us because they have built a website, or a Facebook page, but aren’t getting enough business coming through. Often, they’ve tried a bit of Facebook advertising or Google Ads Pay Per Click but it hasn’t delivered the return they had hoped for.

​They have reached a point where they “need help to ‘do’ some of that marketing stuff” but don’t have the budget for a full-time person, much less a senior full-time marketing resource who can produce a marketing strategy and a plan.

That's where SME Marketeers can help

​We work on a project or retainer basis to an agreed budget, which means you can access senior level marketing knowledge without having to commit a head count budget to your bottom line. ​


We have an initial call with you to understand your business, your goals, your product/service and your audience. We will then propose a recommended course of action, using the channels we feel are appropriate along with a cost estimate for us to implement the recommendations. 

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How we can help you

We have helped other small businesses like yours to:

  • Create a marketing plan 

  • Drive sales and increase bottom line

  • Measure and understand which activities have been successful through campaign measurement tools 

  • Understand Digital Marketing through mentoring

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But we offer more than just marketing strategy, we also offer 'hands-on' support where we create, implement and manage online and offline marketing activities for our clients.


With projects such as:


Effective marketing for small businesses

We have years of experience marketing various brands across both digital and traditional media on varying budgets from big brand deep pockets to those on a shoestring. But the fundamental principle is the same – cost effective marketing is all about relevancy. The more relevant your message to the customers’ needs, delivered through the most relevant channel at the most relevant time, the greater your engagement (and success!). 

With all marketing activities, there is a point that we call the 'sweet spot'. This is where your marketing spend is most effective for your brand. It’s the right time, right place, right price. Because whilst there are many channels available, you are unlikely to need to be on all of them!

​Going back to our point about 'relevancy' you need to be visible in places where your prospective customers are active. For example, there’s no point putting all your efforts in to Instagram or TikTok if your target audience is the older age group and more likely to be on Facebook. Equally email marketing is less effective for the under 20s. 


The customer's digital marketing universe

Define your audience. Plan their experience.

We work with you to understand your typical client and then create a marketing plan to reach this audience through the appropriate channels.

​We will implement the recommended marketing activities - which will all have measurement and monitoring tools in place – and provide regular reporting so you can easily review the effectiveness of each channel.


We even have a series of tutorials, guides and templates on each of these channels to help you get started, if you want to do any of these yourselves after launch.  ​​​​

Let us take care of your marketing whilst you focus on what you love best - creating products or delivering services for your customers. 

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