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Our work

Our digital marketing projects

Take a look at some of the digital marketing project work we have done for small businesses like yours!

You can check out our website builds by clicking on their images from the website options page


Creating a brand and value proposition

Your 'brand' is more than just your logo. It is how you represent yourself both in visual images and your wording or 'tone of voice'. It should quickly and easily communicate who you are and what you stand for, giving customers confidence in selecting to work with you and your company.


Google Business Profile

Get in front of your customers with Google My Business


Social media marketing

The figures of social media usage are eyewatering - 2 billion monthly ACTIVE Facebook users, 2 billion ACTIVE YouTube viewers and 500million active DAILY users on Instagram. How do you get heard?


Email automations - Newsletters & upsell campaigns

Retain customers, build brand loyalty and increase customer spend with regular communications and targeted campaigns


Search Engine Optimisation

As part of our website build, we make sure that the SEO fundamentals are added to your site, because there’s no point building a great looking website that no-one can ever find!


Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

Pay per click advertising can be extremely productive when done correctly. Knowing your target audience and reaching them with a relevant message as well as measuring and monitoring your performance is key with this marketing channel.


Online Courses

Lockdown brought about a huge shift in our consumer behaviour, as we became more familiar with everything online, from zoom meetings, to family calls, and from online coaching to video courses - all from the comfort of our home. A behaviour which we continue ....

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