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Social media marketing

What it is

Technology has provided an abundance of social platforms to be created - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Tik-Tok, Pinterest, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter.... to name a few and there will be more no doubt.

As the newest, shiniest marketing tool, it tantalises individuals, small business owners and (probably) large corporates alike, with the opportunity to reach a massive audience, with the hope that you will share a post that will 'go viral' making you a household sensation over night (along with the associated millions).

But unlike the early days of social, there is now so much content being shared, that you need a plan to 'be heard' in this very busy marketplace....

A plan that needs to first identify the platforms your customers are using and then 'join the conversation'...

What it is
How it helps

How it helps

The power of reviews from ‘people like me’ in the social space is well known. For some time now, customers have been able to easily incorporate other customer feedback in to their purchasing decisions. In fact indicated that "74% of consumers RELY on social media to guide purchasing decisions".

But social is not just about reviews. Social media offers the small business owner the opportunity to extend their reach to new customers and (potentially more importantly) to provide extra value to customers. By engaging with them - and also encourage users to engage with each other, you can:

o Build brand awareness – credibility and trust
o Strengthen relationships with customers prospects and influencers
o Better understand your customers
o Improve your customer service support
o Identify new product ideas
o Generate sales

Examples of our work

Examples of our work

202 posts, 18 videos, 1223 engagements, 16 bookings, 14.29% conversion rate

We support 4U Pilates & Wellbeing manage its social presence across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Starting in January 2021, the first step was to create a recognisable brand to all of the posts so that all the handles had an easily identifiable 'feel'.

We then created a monthly themed programme of content, looking at all aspects offered by 4U Pilates & Wellbeing's health consultant Zoisa Holder. With regular features like our Wellness Wednesday Remedy, and Friday Feature, we have blogs, videos, interviews, customer quotes and industry stats and statements to meet Zoisa's goal of 'educating' people.

New for 2022 will be the workshops from which we will grow our community through groups to widen the reach of people learning how to help themselves to "move better and feel free"

4U Pilates & Wellbeing Social Media image for their Wellness Wednesday blogs

4U Pilates & Wellbeing

Further reading and resources

Facebook is the primary content distribution channel for marketers today, with Marketeers counting it the most popular social media platform across all age groups.

For more social stats and a template for your own social content check out Hubspot:

Hubspot logo
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