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Search Engine Optimisation

What it is

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engines like Google and Bing ‘crawl’ websites ‘looking’ at the content, ‘indexing’ pages and adding them to its vast database so that when someone types in a search query it can return the best results possible to meet the searchers requirements.

However, a Google 'bot' or any search engine 'bot' cannot actually ‘see’ the content so it needs information on the page to help it ‘read’ what is there. That’s a very simple version. The algorithms Google uses to determine information and see a page 'as a human' - including ‘teaching’ its bots to understand semantics and the relationship between words - are anything but simple.

What it is
How it helps

How it helps

Most product and service sales, start with an online search. SEO is the process of making sure your site has given all the correct signals to Google and Bing about your business, with the ultimate goal that when someone types in a search query related to your services, your company appears on page one.

Google in particular, continually amends and refines its search criteria algorithms in its pursuit to provide only the highest quality research results for its users. As such, SEO is a continual process.

Examples of our work

Examples of our work

A targeted local SEO campaign delivers consistently in position one with a 69.7% CTR!

In July 2020, a local horsebox hire company was looking to launch a website. After detailed research into key phrases and competitors, we suggested that the company call themselves Somerset Horsebox Hire, as this clearly indicated what they were offering and to where.

With On Page SEO designed to support this target key phrase and the usability of the site designed to make booking the horsebox easy, this client now enjoys Position 1 on their key search term with a 69.7% CTR and 30% CTR on its secondary key terms.

Somerset Horse Box Hire - a new site launched by SME Marketeers with a carefully considered SEO plan

Somerset Horsebox Hire

As part of our website build, we make sure that the SEO fundamentals are added to your site, because there’s no point building a great looking website that no-one can ever find!

All sites include best practice on page SEO - Correct use of headings, Title Tags, Meta information, internal and external linking.

SEO diagram from Search Engine Land

All clients

Page one ranking for key terms in just one month - that lasted!

Precision Paint is a local bodywork repair garage that specialises in prestige cars. During Covid the owner had noticed a downturn in his Google rankings. We completed a site audit and were able to make some recommendations overall to the general On Page SEO as well as creating two very specific pages to target two long tail key phases used by the target audience. Through SEO best practice including internal linking, the result was that, firstly, the site overall received better page rankings, and secondly, the two new pages were ranked in the top 10 and sustained this. The more specific page achieved this in just one month the second page - a more competitive term - within just two months.

Precision Paint prestige car and logo - SEO copy writing work was completed for this client and specifically this page.

Precision Paint

'How to' Guide to SEO

Learn more about SEO and how to apply it to your website with our 'how to' guides to SEO including videos worksheets and links to further resources

Learn  more about SEO with our 3 part how to guide to SEO
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