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Small business brand loyalty

Building brand loyal customers


Businesses tend to spend a lot of time and energy attracting new customers with very little thought or focus on building a relationship with those they already have.
And yet, brand loyal customers should be treasured! Not only do they purchase your product or service repeatedly but they are out there championing your brand and recommending it to others – whether that is through a variety of online review systems or word of mouth, they are driving more business to your door, for free.  

So what should you do?

Put your customer at the heart 
of your business

It’s so important that the customer’s experience of your brand is a great one.

If you genuinely put their needs at the core of your brand then you will build a base of satisfied customers, who are out there, promoting your


It’s therefore essential that your website is not only easy to use and straightforward with no hidden surprises such as additional costs, but also that your whole delivery process meets or exceeds their expectations. And when things go wrong, because unfortunately it does happen occasionally, you need to have plans in place to smoothly and efficiently fix the problem for your customer. 

Enhance your service. Reward their loyalty.

But there’s more you can do than just provide excellent service. You should also seek to reward regular customers for their loyalty. This could be offering discounted prices, previews of products, opportunities to purchase your new product before the general market, providing access to information to customers only, or discounts for recommending friends to your business, just to name a few ideas. ​The key to any promotion is to consider what behaviour you want more of from your customer and select an offer accordingly.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to be just those who purchase, you can begin to build the customer relationship from their very first visit to your website.


Need help getting started?

At SME Marketeers, ​we are continually striving for customer excellence, so when we work with you, we don’t just deliver a website or a marketing campaign, we think about all the touch points, developing processes and plans to ensure that you begin building a good relationship with prospects and customers alike from the offset.
Some of our clients have come to us with a good website and marketing activities already ​in place but just need help and advice to grow their customer base further. We love the challenge and have a real passion for helping small businesses to grow. 


"Digital technology has developed over the years, empowering the customer to drive their relationships with companies.

​It is therefore incumbent on any company to meet, exceed and even pre-empt these growing demands, to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, if they wish to remain competitive."

- SME Marketeers

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