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Small business websites

How effective is your website?


Having a strong online presence is key to your success

As a small business owner, you will know that being in front of your audience when they are searching online and ready to buy is key to your success. It's how people find your products or services but also learn more about you, your business, your credibility, your reviews and look at the different options available before they decide to buy. 

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Which is why having a good and effective customer journey to and through your website is essential.

Your site should be simple to navigate, easy to use, with clear signposting and be mobile friendly to assist with good customer experience. But it's also important that it demonstrates high quality customer experience, expertise, authority and trust to search engines - Google and Bing - if you want to be found online. 

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You're not alone. Help is at hand!

At SME Marketeers, we know that taking time out of your day to create or update a website is often not practical nor cost effective for you. You’re already working around the clock and doing your admin in the evenings, you can’t stop to create a website, design it, find pictures and write all those words, let alone make sure it’s mobile friendly and meeting Google's requirements! 

All of our customers are small businesses that have been in this position.

Whether they’ve tried to build a website but abandoned it frustrated by the process; or created a website hastily, but found that visitors leave quickly without exploring or returning; or just been too busy to even begin, we have helped them and can help you.

Our web build process is simple...

Meet, chat, plan

Meet, chat, plan

We meet with you to talk about your business, your goals, your customers, your competitors and which website option is right for you. 

Meet, chat, plan

Review, test, amend

​You review our work and tell us of any changes you want to make, we will make the changes and send the site to you again for final sign off. If your site is an ecommerce website, we will also complete order testing at this point to make sure the whole system works from order through to delivery.  

Meet, chat, plan

Map, write, design, create

We begin by mapping your website customer journey and its overall structure which helps us to design the general layout of each page so it’s suitable for any device. This part of the process is to ensure we keep your customers moving from page to purchase. Then we research appropriate keywords for your website and begin to compile the basic SEO requirements as we write, design and create your website

Meet, chat, plan

Go live!

The website goes live! And since we have built it on a user-friendly CMS system, we can now give you access to your website so if you want to make changes, you can do so without incurring any further costs. We also give you access to your Google Business (& Bing) profiles so you can keep these updated and finally access to your Google Analytics so you can monitor your website’s performance.  

Affordable website ​builds

As a small business ourselves, we’re genuinely passionate about helping other small businesses and sharing marketing knowledge at an affordable price, so we’ve put together a range of website solutions to suit all budgets.

​And because they are built on user friendly CMS solutions, once it’s live you can make future edits (like price changes, or new products) without incurring further costs or time delays. Although we are always on-hand to help if you prefer us to do these.


​What’s more, we even have a series of tutorials on a variety of marketing channels to help you if you want to do this for yourself after go live.  

Examples of our work

​All our website builds are:

1. Built on a user-friendly CMS tool

We use Wix predominantly when creating sites but are able to work with most CMS tools such as Weebly, SquareSpace and Shopify.

The benefit of building in user friendly CMS tools is that, after go live, our customers can make changes should they wish to without incurring additional costs or any time delays. Although we're always on hand to make amends should you need us, and some customers prefer us to manage changes. ​

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Contact us today and get your free no obligation meeting and website build quote.

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