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Online Courses

What it is

The lockdowns we experienced as a population or community, drove a paradigm shift in behaviour in both our personal and professional lives. We learnt to exercise from home with online pilates, yoga and other fitness programmes, we used YouTube to show us how to 'fix' things in the home for ourselves. We went online in search of training for new skills, or entertainment. We learnt to 'work from home', with laptops, VPNs and an abundance of meetings on Zoom, Go To, Teams or Hangouts.

The outcome has been that for some people, a preference to exercise, work and learn from home has been formed and this behaviour continues long after lockdown ended.

Two of our clients have subsequently created online courses to meet this growing demand.

What it is
How it helps

How it helps

Today, everything we can want can be access and delivered directly to our phones.

We want a plumber? A quick Google search will give us 12 local numbers to call and an array of videos to 'do it ourselves'. Fancy something to eat? Another Google search will give you a list of local restaurants plus a number of 'takeaway delivery services' and instantly we can be fed.

Our phones give us access to anything we desire 24x7. Having an online course, means people no longer have to turn up to a set venue (or even just a computer) at a set time. They can access what they want, when they want at a time, place and schedule to suit them.

Technology is enabling us as service providers to get creative about how customers can 'consume' our services. And creativity is something small businesses have in abundance.

We have helped our clients to spec out their courses, providing a framework for the course or workshop and individual modules within that. We then incorporate this 'storyboard' of course delivery into a creative brief, which is sent to videographers to provide their input into how we take the idea and make it visually amazing.

Once that is completed, it's 'just' a case of building the online programme and marketing it to the appropriate audiences.

Examples of our work

Examples of our work

2 days filming for a fantastic new 4 course offering

Due to go live very soon, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Massage Chris and Tom Dalgarno to set the framework for the courses and assist in the delivery on the day of the 4 course modules to improve your physical and mental health. The next stage is the marketing of the programme. Watch this space for more information!

Massage Chris and Tom Dalgarno with SME Marketeers at the Floating Harbour Studios. All cameras ready

Massage Chris

Need help turning your service into an online course?

If you want help getting your online course in place, please contact us

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